‘The Office’ Actress Angela Kinsey Reveals She Tested Positive for COVID-19

Angela Kinsey has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The 49-year-old The Office actress took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday night (December 29) to reveal that she test positive for the virus.

“I started not feeling well and went to get retested,” Angela wrote along with her results. “I knew the odds were against me since I was living with 4 Covid positive people. I really tried to quarantine and not get it.”

For the past several days, Angela has been sharing updates with fans after her husband Joshua Snyder, two of their three kids, and her mom also all have COVID.

Earlier on Tuesday before getting the test, Angela said that the kids were doing just fine, and that Josh was feeling very “fatigued,” but didn’t have any other symptoms. As for her mother, Angela said she was still in the hospital, but was feeling much better.

Angela also said that she was feeling “congested” and a “tad off” herself, and after being around her family that has COVID, she decided to get the rapid, which came back positive.

We hope Angela and her family all get well soon!

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