The Mail is considering an appeal to Duchess Megs second legal victory

The Mail finally published their official response to their second loss with the Duchess of Sussex’s lawsuit. Meghan won the summary judgment in this case back in February, and the Mail decided to appeal the judgment rather than just take the L. Three appellate judges unanimously ruled that the Mail had no real defense, and their publication of Meghan’s letter to her father was a clear infringement of her copyright and privacy. It took hours for the Mail to even acknowledge the loss, but here we are: they’re “considering” appealing this mess yet again. Dudes are addicted to taking Ls.

The publisher of The Mail On Sunday today revealed it is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court after it lost a Court of Appeal challenge against a ruling in favour of the Duchess of Sussex over publication of a personal letter to her estranged father, Thomas Markle. Meghan, 40, sued Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), also the publisher of MailOnline, over five articles that reproduced parts of her letter to Thomas Markle, 77, in August 2018.

The duchess won her case earlier this year when a High Court judge ruled in her favour without a full trial. However, ANL brought an appeal and, at a three-day hearing in November, argued the case should go to a trial on Meghan’s claims against the publisher – including breach of privacy and copyright. But, in a ruling today, Sir Geoffrey Vos, Dame Victoria Sharp and Lord Justice Bean dismissed the publisher’s appeal.

A spokesman for Associated Newspapers said: ‘We are considering an appeal to the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom. We are very disappointed by the decision of the Court of Appeal. It is our strong view that judgment should be given only on the basis of evidence tested at trial, and not on a summary basis in a heavily contested case, before even disclosure of documents. No evidence has been tested in cross-examination, as it should be, especially when Mr Knauf’s evidence raises issues as to the Duchess’s credibility.

‘After People magazine published an attack on Mr Markle, based on false briefings from the Duchess’s friends wrongly describing the letter as a loving letter, it was important to show that the letter was no such thing. Both the letter and People magazine also seriously misrepresented the reasons for Mr Markle’s non-attendance at the royal wedding. The articles corrected these matters, and raised other issues of public interest including the reasons for the breakdown in the relationship between the Duchess and her father’.

[From The Daily Mail]

LOL. Their entire defense is “but Meghan was so mean to her dad!!” Someone call the waaaambulance. The Mail desperately wants this to go to trial so they can “get” Meghan on the stand to harass her in person. They’re harassing her through the courts. It’s insane. Anyway, I’m sure they will file an appeal and this sh-t will get taken to the Supreme Court and then what? Jason Knauf shows up to the high court with email evidence that Meghan once told an staffer to make a call? It’s bonkers.

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