The Bachelorette Fans to ABC: Cancel Clare Crawley! Now!

As previously reported, Clare Crawley may never get a chance to star as The Bachelorette.

This is due to the Covid-19 outbreak and this series, along with all network shows, shutting down production for the foreseeable future.

But even if filming eventually resumes, many Bachelor Nation members out there still hope Clare Crawley never stars as The Bachelorette.

The newly-named franchise anchor came under fire late last week after she called out selected suitors on her impending season.

This past Saturday afternoon, Crawley took to Twitter and wrote the following:

“If you are doing interviews and creating Cameo accounts before you are even on my season… you are in it for the wrong reasons… #dontwasteyourtime.

“Respect the opportunity you’ve been given. Respect the rules. Respect me. @BacheloretteABC.”

Crawley did not name any contestants by name.

But the strong assumption is that she could only have been referring to Matt James, who has been active on the platform Cameo and who has also given a few interviews of late.

Here’s the thing, though:

James has mostly in the spotlight to promote NEOU Fit-A-Thon, a 12-hour fitness event on Instagram Live … that raised money for healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The future reality star, who is close friends with Tyler Cameron, is also pledging all of his Cameo earnings to the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that fights against poverty.

Pretty admirable, right?

And not something to be dragged about, right?

Crawley has since fired back at critics, claiming she was NOT targeting James with her Tweets above — and, rather, just saying something broad and vague.

Few folks are buying it, however.

“I’m calling BS on this response. If I’m wrong, who are the men besides Matt?” asked one irritated social media user.

That was merely a comment, however.

Another hater on the Internet has taken this critique a step farther.

Someone named Lauren Hawley has started a petition on that calls for Crawley to be ousted as The Bachelorette.

“Clare has already started to attack the best contender on her show because he is raising money to help children. She is too much of a Karen to be the bachelorette,” reads the petition.

To date, it has 647 signees.

Wrote one of these people:

I have watched all of the seasons Clare has been on and I think she is a horrible choice and we have never seen or herd of her in any relationship since she has been in the franchises in 10 years.

Don’t waste men’s time when she can’t succeed in a relationship.

Crawley was a polarizing choice long before she seemingly went off on James.

First, she’s by far the oldest Bachelorette in history at age 39.

Second, she hasn’t starred on any Bachelor-related programs in years.

Third, Hannah Ann Sluss is the preferred choice for fans who watched her fall just short on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

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“We don’t need a bachelorette who thinks someone using their following to help with charity is trying to get internet famous,” wrote another individual on the petition, concluding:

“Claire is full of herself. Re-cast her!”

Do you agree?

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