That Explosive ‘Bachelorette’ Episode Just Aired & Here Are the Big Spoilers!

For months, there has been so much speculation and lots of news reports about what happened on Clare Crawley‘s season of The Bachelorette and now the episode everyone has been waiting for finally is here.

As Chris Harrison has been saying in so many teasers, Clare “blew up” the season and now we know how.

Throughout the first three episodes, we could see how Clare was falling hard for contestant Dale Moss, who received the first impression rose on night one. Lots of reports have said that she decided to leave the show to be with him after refusing to film with the other guys.

Clare was actually spotted this week wearing an engagement ring!

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So, what happened on the episode? Here are the bullet points!

  • Chris Harrison kicked off the episode by talking to Clare alone before the rose ceremony and telling her they can’t continue with the season as the guys are all unhappy with how she’s favoring Dale.
  • Clare said that Dale is the man of her dreams and she wants to end her time on the show to explore a relationship with him. She also swore on her father’s grave that she never spoke to Dale before the show started filming.
  • Chris told the guys that the cocktail ceremony was canceled, and so was the rose ceremony. He pulled Dale aside and told him that Clare wanted to have a solo date with him instead.
  • During the dinner date, Clare told Dale how he reminds her of her dad and she told him the story of how her parents had met only once before her dad proposed to her mom. They connected while talking about their families. She told him that she’s falling in love with him and he said the same.
  • Clare and Dale slept with each other and they showed the new couple in bed together the morning after their date. She opened up to Chris about their night together and said Dale told her that he loves her.
  • Clare met up with the other guys and told them that she has found love with Dale and that she hopes they all will find someone great in the future.
  • Next, we saw Chris calling up jewelry designer Neil Lane to get an engagement ring for Dale to use to propose to Clare. The host then informed Dale that the next time he sees Clare, she’ll be waiting for a proposal.
  • While Clare was waiting for her “final rose ceremony,” Chris showed up and made it seem like something went wrong, but he just told her that he’s so proud of her and that he’ll go get Dale.
  • During the final rose ceremony, Clare and Dale professed their love to each other and then he proposed. She said yes!

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