Teenager Shoves Bear Off Wall to Protect Family Dogs in Wild Video

A California teenager rushed to defend her dogs from a family of bears, shoving the biggest bear off a wall and scaring it away … and it’s all on video.

The incredible scene played out Monday afternoon in the San Gabriel Valley, and you see a huge bear and two bear cubs walking along a backyard wall when four pet dogs scurry over and nearly get swiped by a huge bear paw.

With her dogs barking like crazy, a 17-year-old named Hailey rushed over to see what was the matter, springing into action when she realized there were bears on the prowl.

Ya gotta see the video … the teen runs straight for the big bear, shoving it back into a neighbor’s yard with both hands and rushing her dogs back to safety.

The bear gets back on the cement wall, but doesn’t want any more of Hailey … hightailing it off the property.

Props to Hailey for the bravery, but this could have ended bear-y badly for her … and her little dogs.

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