Teen Mom 2 Ratings Hit New Low: Will Ashley Jones Be Fired? Could Jenelle Evans Return?

You know what they say about desperate times, don’t you?

MTV executives may be keeping this saying in mind at the moment, especially as they glance at the information that continues to come in about the latest season of Teen Mom 2.

Simply put:

It ain’t good.

According to our friends at The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the franchise fell to its WORST RATING OF ALL-TIME for the episode that aired on June 1.

It brought in a mere 500,000 viewers, reports indicate, a stark and troubling contrast for a series that averaged far close to 900,000 just two years ago.

On May 25, a week before this disastrous figure, the show barely crept above the 500,000-viewer mark, while only 510,000 people tuned in on May 11.

What could be to blame for these paltry numbers?

Incredibly boring storylines, some might say.

Late last month, for example, we spent far too much time watching Kailyn’s son help his mother pick out kitchen tile.

Several days ago, meanwhile, Briana DeJesus went off on Lowry for somehow managing to get footage of her fall 2020 arrest scrubbed from the air.

Kailyn was missing entirely from last Tuesday’s installment, in fact, much to the shock and confusion of fans who often tune in just to see this veteran star’s shenanigans.

“I feel like if you are too good to film your real life… why would you be own a show that is supposed to be about your real life?” asked Briana, clearly hurling some shade in the direction of her long-time foe.

“It just doesn’t make any sense and I really would like to see her showing her full, true, authentic life as I’m sure would the viewers,” DeJesus added.

“I’m also sure the ratings would reflect it.”

She appears to be right on that front.

If Teen Mom 2 is gonna focus a storyline on a cast member getting arrested for alleging punching her baby daddy, then what the heck are we doing here?!?

It’s also worth noting, of course, that Chelsea Houska left the franchise last year.

This is the first run of episodes that has aired without the popular star and her cute family members — and her absence is both noticeable and painful.

“Teen mom is so boring nowadays…I wish they would start a whole new teen moms …Chelsea was my fav,” one critic recently wrote online, for example.

In Houska’s place, MTV has brought in Ashley Jones.

The former Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast member has a three-year old daughter and a fiance… and not many loyal fans.

There’s a decent shot that Jones get fired if ratings remain this far down in the toilet, as there’s no better way for the program to garner renewed interest than bringing on board a new cast member.

Or, dare we say it… a new/OLD cast member?!?

Love her, hate her or truly despise her, there’s no denying that Jenelle Evans brings in eyeballs.

She was let go by MTV just over two years ago (for very understandable reasons, as her husband had just shot the family dog and Child Proective Services had just removed her children), viewership has been steadily dropping ever since.

With Jenelle, by her low standards, staying mostly out of trouble these days… and with Teen Mom 2 needing a major shot in the arm, producers may really go there.

You best prepare yourselves.

Evans may be rehired.

And before you scoff and scream and yell and start any online petitions to get her booted once again, stop and ask yourself this.

Be honest.

Would you tune in?

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