Tatler removed the ‘Top CEO’ sections from their Duchess Kate cover story

In May of this year, Tatler released their shady “Catherine the Great” cover story. The story was originally done with the implicit approval of Kensington Palace, likely because they believed Tatler would just go along with their Embiggening Kate campaign. Unfortunately, the story was the Revenge of the Turnip Toffs – all of the rich-bitch aristocrats used the opportunity to talk sh-t about how Kate has zero personality, how William is obsessed with Carole Middleton, how Kate honestly believes that she works as hard as a Top CEO, that Kate feels exhausted and trapped, that Carole, Kate and Pippa are just some social climbing hustlers, and on and on. Kensington Palace FREAKED. They threatened to sue Tatler and, wouldn’t you know, “never complain, never explain” went straight out the window.

For months, the Tatler story existed online with zero edits. The print edition obviously went out months ago too, and no edits were made on that either. But then we heard a few weeks ago that Tatler had quietly removed only one paragraph: the paragraph about William’s friendship with Rose Hanbury. It was a bit like closing the barn doors after the horses had bolted. Hilariously, that wasn’t the end of it. Two weeks later, it now appears that Tatler has removed several more paragraphs from the cover story.

Tatler has cut huge swathes from its online profile of the Duchess of Cambridge after the society bible was accused of publishing a ‘string of lies’. The magazine has caved in and removed almost a quarter of the piece – in particular ‘cruel’ and ‘snobby’ barbs aimed at Kate’s mother Carole Middleton and sister Pippa. It comes after Kensington Palace instructed its lawyers to demand the ‘inaccuracies and false representations’ be removed.

July/August’s edition of Tatler, which was published in May under the cover story ‘Catherine the Great’, detailed claims, now deleted, that Kate, 38, felt ‘exhausted and trapped’ following Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back from royal life, was ‘perilously thin’ like Princess Diana and had even consulted psychics with William. But The Mail on Sunday understands it was the criticism of the Middleton family that caused the greatest upset.

Initially, Tatler refused to remove anything from the internet, despite Palace fury, with editor Richard Dennen insisting he stood ‘behind the reporting of Anna Pasternak and her sources’. However, the Cambridges’ lawyers pointed out that Kensington Palace had not been given the opportunity to comment on the specific content of Ms Pasternak’s feature, much of which was disputed. Eventually both sides agreed that chunks would be cut from the online profile, which was done this week – four months after its publication.

The erased paragraphs include claims that William was obsessed with his mother-in-law, that Carole, 65, is ‘a terrible snob’ and that Pippa, 37, is ‘too regal and try-hard’. The only reference Tatler has made to the climbdown is a sentence at the end of the piece, saying it has been edited.

A source close to the magazine’s publisher Condé Nast said: ‘Tatler has a long-standing relationship with the Royal Family and wanted to end this amicably.’ A spokesman for Kensington Palace declined to comment.

[From The Daily Mail]

What’s funnier, the fact that William and Kate are too dumb to understand the Streisand Effect, or that the DAILY MAIL went on to copy-and-paste every single section which was removed from the Tatler piece? The whole thing is hilarious to me, oh my God. When I read the full Tatler piece, I knew that it was a big deal and that KP would be mad about it. What I didn’t expect was William and Kate throwing a big, public hissy fit… which ended up drawing more attention to this shady article. I did not expect for their tantrum to extend months beyond the publication, to the point where four months later, we’re still hearing about this sh-t. Do the Cambridges think they’ve won? They haven’t. Now we know that they would not have fought so hard if Tatler hadn’t been speaking the truth.

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