T.I.’s Daughter Sparks Rumors of Being Molested as a Child Following Angry Rant

Deyjah Harris criticizes Black community for tending to brush child molestation under the rug and gets heated when she’s accused of dividing people amid Black Lives Matter protests.

AceShowbiz -Is T.I.‘s daughter Deyjah Harris a victim of sexual abuse when she was a child? Such speculations emerged after the 18-year-old brunette stunner went off on a Twitter rant, criticizing the African-American community for ignoring child molestation done by family members.

After posting and retweeting supports for Black Lives Matter, Deyjah suddenly posted this criticisms, “Ok I’m so tired of how the black community doesn’t speak up on the things that happens in the family …………… stop protecting thr men and women that touch children (sic)!!!!!”

She continued, “I will KILL anyone for my siblings, children, HUSBAND, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, AUNTIES, COUSINS, ETC. if something ever happened to them. I’m sorry but I’m fr … real s**t.”

Then, she was involved in a back-and forth with one of her followers who said, “dis not da time for dat.” She fired back, “You sound stupid as f**k. all of it needs to be addressed…… i would never ‘try to divide us.’ you see the tweet i made? im talking about YOU AND ANYONE ELSE THAT HAS THE SAME MINDSET AS YOU. imma protect all black children/people, anytime and anyplace..f**k what you saying!”

“IT ALL MATTERS. it all matters. violence, police brutality, abuse, sexual harassment, etc. IT ALL MATTERS,” she added. “When did i ever come out my mouth and say ‘hey one issue matters more than the other’ …… you keep tryna justify what you saying and you still ain’t making sense. how is what i said tearing each other in any way? please help me understand, IF ANYTHING IM PROTECTING YALL!!!!!”

In another post, she wrote, “Man some of y’all are really f**ked up. it ain’t no ‘we’ll address this later’ ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! we can talk about IT ALL RIGHT NOW, it’s f**k any of y’all that like these tweets or anything of that sort, just showing you agree and support it.”

Meanwhile, she talked about struggle with mental health issues in one of her YouTube videos. She said she had been battling depression since she was 11 years old.

Deyjah Harris is T.I.’s daughter from his previous relationship with R&B singer Ms. Niko. She grew up under strict parenting of her rapper father. In November last year, the hip-hop star faced backlash after saying he took her every year after her birthday to gynecologist to check her virginity.

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