Stop What You're Doing, All Of One Direction Just Refollowed Zayn On Twitter

Days after Liam Payne teased that he and his former One Direction bandmates have been working on a 10-year anniversary surprise, longtime 1D fans have something else to celebrate: The guys have officially refollowed Zayn Malik on Twitter. And although Malik has not yet followed them back, die-hard Directioners are convinced that this means all five original members have something up their sleeves.

“THEY FOLLOWED ZAYN AGAIN IM SOBBING,” one excited fan tweeted. “All the boys just followed zayn,” someone else wrote. “My brain can’t comprehend this.” And they’re not alone. In fact, so many One Direction fans began tweeting about how the entire band (including the official One Direction account) followed Zayn again, prompting #OneDirectionReunion to trend on the social media platform.

Before you call out the fandom for overreacting, there are a few things you should know. For example, in addition to refollowing Zayn, the guys also hit follow on the official One Direction Twitter account. Not to mention, all five of the band’s studio albums are now available to stream on Apple Music. And perhaps most notably, the group’s official website has been reactivated.

And that’s not all. Last week, Payne confirmed to The Sun that the group has been working on something, but wouldn’t reveal what. “We’ve got a ten-year anniversary coming up so we’ve all been speaking together a lot over the last few weeks which has been really nice,” he said in the exclusive interview, adding that he’s “not sure” what he’s able to share quite yet. “There’s a number of different things that we are all working on to try and make happen and people are forwarding emails around.”

While Payne certainly lit the fandom on fire with speculation surrounding One Direction’s 10th anniversary, he’s not the only former member of the group who’s been vocal about a possible reunion. Just last month, Styles told British radio show Heart Breakfast that a live-streamed concert amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic would “be an interesting way to reunite.” Horan and Tomlinson have also expressed interest in reuniting in recent months.

As you can see, even though nothing’s been confirmed quite yet, there are more than just a few measly hints that One Direction might be planning something special. And considering it’s been roughly four years since they announced their hiatus, we couldn’t be more ready for whatever it is they’re working on.

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