Steve-O Choked Unconscious By Michael Bisping On Video In Octagon

Michael Bisping briefly came out of retirement Saturday night, choking Steve-O unconscious in a UFC Octagon … while the Jackass star refused to tap!

It all went down at the UFC APEX Center on Saturday in Las Vegas. Steve-O was in the building to watch the UFC Fight Night card … but got in on the action himself after all of the fights were settled.

The clip starts with 44-year-old Bisping standing behind Steve-O, and he has him in a rear naked choke. Michael applies pressure … and after 11-12 seconds, and a refusal to tap out, Steve-O went to sleep.

michael bisping fighting

Bisping, former Middleweight champion (although not known for his submissions), then laid Steve-O down on the canvas while everyone waited for him to wake up.

After a few seconds, Steve-O popped his head up and said … “Oh s***!”, as everyone cracked up.

Bisping told Steve-O … “You crazy bastard. Are you okay?!”

Of course, as scary as Bisping is, this isn’t even close to the craziest thing Steve-O has done on camera … the man has been hit, bit, and everything else during his crazy career!

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