Skincare Experts Speak Out About Jennifer Lopez's Unrealistic Expectations on Aging

Celebrities provide us with plenty of inspiration. We are enamored by their clothes, and their choices help spark style trends around the globe. We turn to them for advice on everything from how to deal with raising children to how to cook our holiday meals.

This gives them an outsized amount of power to set expectations people have on how their lives should look, and that’s not always a good thing. Experts are calling out Jennifer Lopez for what they see as the promotion of unrealistic expectations of aging, and they have a warning for fans who are using the star’s advice to set their own appearance goals. 

Jennifer Lopez has spent her life in the spotlight 

Lopez had her sights set on fame at an early age. As Hello! reports, Lopez was just 17 years old when she bucked her parents’ desire for her to study a more academic subject and instead landed at Manhattan’s Dance Studio.

In 1991, Lopez got her first big break as a dancer on In Living Color. She continued to work to break into the Hollywood scene with brief arcs on shows like Second Chances and Hotel Malibu, but it was her 1997 role as the title character in the biopic Selena that really put her fame on the rise. 

That was around the same time that Lopez realized that she missed singing and dancing, so as her acting career picked up the pace, she also worked to reinvigorate her singing career. The multitalented actor managed to keep a foot in both worlds as her fame shot up.

She was releasing smash hits with impressive dance routines carefully choreographed for her music videos while also finding time to act in films like Maid in ManhattanMonster-in-Law, and The Back-up Plan

Jennifer Lopez has worked to stay connected to fans

Lopez’s fame was punctuated with high-profile relationships with celebrity men. As her fame and riches rose, she maintained fan connections by sharing glimpses of her life and penning songs like “Jenny from the Block” to remind fans of her humble roots and insist that she was still the same person at her core.

Of course, Lopez’s lifestyle changed along with her considerable net worth, but her connection to fans has left them turning to her for advice. 

Lopez, who is now 51 years old, has managed to maintain an almost ageless appearance. When she appeared in the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show alongside Shakira, she showcased her impressive moves in revealing outfits, suggesting that aging has not been a barrier.

Lopez often speaks out about her routines and habits when fans ask about how she manages to keep her appearance so youthful, and the tips revolve around eschewing caffeine and alcohol and getting plenty of sleep while having a strict fitness plan. 

Skincare experts see Jennifer Lopez’s expectations as unrealistic

Lopez may have given some practical advice about taking care of one’s self in the past, but now that she’s launching her own skincare line, her advice seems to be a bit more entrepreneurial. As Allure reports, Lopez has been teasing the launch of JLo Beauty, a skincare line that promises consumers they can get their “own JLo glow.”

By using her own image as the literal face of the product line, Lopez has put herself in the crosshairs for criticism from skincare experts. Lopez claims the secret behind her youthful glow is olive oil.

Dr. Alexis Stephens took to Instagram to criticize Lopez’s suggestion of olive oil as a moisturizer. Dr. Stephens explains that olive oil is a poor moisturizer that can actually disrupt a healthy skin barrier and allow more bacteria in.

it’s the deception for me. @cassandrabankson has a very well-done YouTube video about this! #jlo #jloskincare #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

Then there’s the issue of aging expectation. Skincare expert What’s on Vi’s Face, who gained popularity by sharing ingredient-driven skincare advice on TikTok, addressed the issue with over idolizing Lopez’s aging.

She points out that fans very rarely see an untouched photograph of Lopez. She considers Lopez’s edited photographs and comments about Botox to be “deceptive” and setting unrealistic expectations for her fans. 

Vi shared in her insightful TikTok video: “I respect her as a person and want to support her but it’s hard for me to at this point. She claims that everyone’s been asking her for a skincare line and this is supposed to be the secret to her youth. I don’t doubt that she looks amazing in real life but when was the last time you saw an untouched photo of JLo? 1991? 95? You get my point.”

She further added: Listen, I don’t have a problem if you wanna do whatever to your photos. Whatever makes you feel better, ok? But I have a problem when celebrities set that as a reality and the goal for people. It’s truly unattainable and humanly impossible.”

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