Simon Rimmer: Sunday Brunch chef issues warning after discovery ‘Nothing to do with me’

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Simon Rimmer, 57, who is known for his TV partnership with host Tim Lovejoy, shared a screenshot of the fake account in view of his 140,000 followers. He informed fans that it was “nothing to do with him” in case anyone may have fallen for the catfish’s persona.


Simon Rimmer

He wrote underneath the photo: “Beware this is a FAKE ACCOUNT. Nothing to do with me.”

His shocked followers quickly responded to the post, saying it was a “nightmare” how many fake accounts there are on Instagram.

One said: “These fake accounts are a nightmare by the way I’m looking forward to your distance, shuffling.”

Another replied: “Just reported! Hopefully it gets deleted if a few people report.”


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A third commented: “You mean that’s not you! I had 5 requests from Rod Stewart last week… I’m gutted they aren’t real.”

Simon recently also responded to an internet troll that slammed Sunday Brunch as “cringe” after it unveiled its new socially distanced format.

The original tweet, which has since been deleted, read: “How these guys have got a TV show is a mystery! 

“Lack any sense of humour unless it’s pleasing their egos and always full of painful silences! Literally cringe everytime I flick on!”

The TV chef hit back: “Wow! That’s crushed my positive post-show feelings. Thanks, have a lovely day.”

Simon’s response drew over 176 likes, and many other fans tried to cheer him up over the searing remark.

One replied: “Don’t take it to heart. I love your show and have been watching it for years. It’s part of our Sunday routine to make sure it’s on when we get up in the morning.”

At the beginning of lockdown, Simon and Tim had continued to film Sunday Brunch via video link from the comfort of their own home.

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However, both Simon and Tim have returned to filming live in the studio now.

A couple of weeks ago, the famous chef watched as Tim fell over on the show and struggled to help due to social distancing restrictions.

A helpless Simon remarked: “I can’t even help you up!”

Why is everyone laughing?” Tim joked. “It really hurt!”


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He later said: “I’m in a little bit of pain, not a lot, but everyone is laughing in my ear. That is disrespectful!”

Sunday Brunch’s official Twitter account later confirmed Tim was OK following his tumble. 

Sunday Brunch continues today at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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