‘She-Ra’ Actress Aimee Carrero Gets Mixed Up in ‘Lesbian Babadook’ Trend After Getting Threats on Twitter

Aimee Carrero got mixed up in a controversy that led to the Twitter trend #IStandWithLesbianBabadook, even though this had nothing to do with the movie The Babadook.

It all started when Aimee, best known for her voice work on She-Ra and Elena of Avalor, tweeted something that seemed to be directed at Bernie Sanders supporters. Many of his supporters voiced their displeasure with Joe Biden becoming the democratic presidential nominee and some say they won’t vote for him.

“They didn’t have the exact shoe I wanted so I think I’ll walk on a bed of nails barefoot for 4 more years,” Aimee tweeted.

Someone with the Twitter username @lesbianbabadook tweeted in response, “when the class war starts and I gotta put the voice of she-ra in a guillotine.”

The fan deleted the tweet and Aimee then tweeted out a screencap to put that person on blast. She was then called out for publicly calling out someone with significantly less followers and sending her fans out on that person. So, some people started the trend to say they were standing by that fan.

Aimee then spoke out to defend herself against death threats.

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