Shawn Mendes Opens Up About ‘Truly Being In Love’ With Girlfriend Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes is opening up about his love life and the pandemic.

The 22-year-old “In My Blood” singer-songwriter spoke to Sir Elton John in the latest issue of VMAN.

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During their chat, Shawn talked about how fast time moved while touring.

“When I was 15, I started touring, and all of a sudden, seven years have gone by. An amazing seven years, going at the speed of light, and then a pandemic hits, and I have my first real girlfriend—my first time ever truly being in love—and I moved in with her parents in Miami, for the first time learning how to cook and do laundry,” he said, referring to quarantining with Camila Cabello.

“First, the panic sweeps over me. Then I start to settle in and say, ‘This is lovely, this is beautiful.’ I think, for me, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a bubble for quite a long time, where I’ve been very afraid to speak about things that I feel really passionate about. When I was able to sit and let my world stop spinning and come still, this stillness came over me and I realized, you know, when it comes to matters of the heart, we don’t need to be experts…I started journaling and writing a lot of my thoughts down. That’s where Wonder came in. There’s an inkling of my voice really starting to come through. I touch on a lot of different topics, but the first lines are just like, ‘If I’m being real, do I filter what I say? I wonder, wouldn’t it be nice to live inside a world that isn’t black and white? I wonder, when I cry into my hands, why am I conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man. I wonder, what it’s like to be loved by you.’ I felt my heart open. I feel this place of real art. This is the first time I felt that I had art coming through me.”

He also spoke about a particular song on the new album, “Can’t Imagine.”

“I was going through this whole thing of like, ‘It’s going to be okay. If it all goes away, it’ll be okay. But if I lose my girlfriend, I don’t know if I’ll be okay.’ That’s where ‘Can’t Imagine’ spawned from. What’s on the record is [me] thinking of words on my first pass, stumbling [on] words, and I ended up recording just to get the melody down. I ended up keeping it because of the magic inside of it…It’s definitely made me very aware that no matter how prepared you are for the world, and no matter how practiced you are to be human, there is nothing like sharing it with somebody. The album feels very empowering and strong, but I want it to end on a very honest note.”

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