Shaughna Phillips dating: Love Island star opens up on ‘relief’ after leaving the villa

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Shaughna Phillips hit our screens earlier this year as she appeared in the first winter Love Island series. Since her debut to our screens, she has since appeared on Celebs go Virtual Dating. And it seems love is still on her mind as caught up with Shaughna as she partners up with international dating app, Happn.

Talking to Shaughna opened up on her time on Love Island earlier this year.

She said: “It was very weird I had three weeks back in the kind of real-world before lockdown happened after Love Island.”

Shaughna also spoke candidly of her newfound fame since leaving the villa.

She said: “It was just the weirdest feeling having people know who I am.

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“At that point, I hadn’t really watched the show back so I almost forgot how on earth do all of these people know who I am.”

Shaughna also spoke of how her experience on Love Island allowed her to express her true self.

She continued: “I mean the good thing with Love Island is although I suppose they do pick people based on their looks there is no hiding anymore.

“People have seen me in like no makeup, spot cream on, pyjamas on, hair up, hair greasy.

“Everyone has seen what I have to offer now so there is no hiding and there is no surprises.

“I think it is actually a little bit of a relief actually.”

Since appearing on Love Island, Shaughna has admitted she doesn’t like being left alone on her social media.

She explained: “One of my friends that actually did my social media for me while I was in there is still logged into my Instagram because I’m too scared to be left alone on there.

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“The other week she said to me ‘I’m not on your Instagram anymore’, and I was like ‘what you’ve left me alone on my Instagram how dare you, you need to get back on there.’

“She does say sometimes ‘this isn’t even your Instagram this is mine like I built this up’ and do you know what she’s right.”

Shaughna also spoke of how her presence on social media has impacted her dating life.

She said: “I suppose people will know who I am now and I do forget and even when I was doing the Celebs Go Dating I was so nervous.

“I remember people saying to me ‘they’re going to be way more nervous than you’ and I was thinking ‘how?’

“But then when I was going on these dates it was strange, the boys almost didn’t want to admit that they knew that I was on Love Island, but they all did.”

She added: “Some people were completely scared to admit that they know that you were on there and then other people don’t shut up about it and want to know all the gossip.”

Love Island alumni Shaughna Phillips has teamed up with dating app happn to talk all things bad dates and finding love on your doorstep.

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