Savannah Guthrie Is Being Praised for Calling Out Trump During Town Hall

Donald Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate with Joe Biden tonight, so there are two Town Hall events with the candidates that are happening at the same time.

Trump‘s Town Hall is being hosted by NBC and Today‘s Savannah Guthrie is moderating the event, though many have commented on how it feels more like a debate between the president and the moderator.

Democrats are praising Savannah for calling out Trump on some of the falsehoods that he has been spewing, including his retweets of conspiracy theories and his thoughts on QAnon.

Savannah has called out Trump for not having a health care plan ready even though his administration is going to court in November to throw out Obamacare, which will get rid of the guarantee for people with pre-existing conditions. She also called him out on not urging Americans to wear a mask and he says he has no problem with mask wearing.

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