Salt Bae Feeds $1,000 Gold Steak to Conor McGregor, Open Wide!!!

Conor McGregor is so rich, he craps gold!

Well, he probably will after taking down a gold-plated steak at Salt Bae‘s famous restaurant in Dubai!

The UFC superstar took his family to the Nusr-Et Steakhouse Dubai — where social media’s most famous slicer of meat broke out his sharpest knife to personally serve Conor.

The dish is known as the Golden Tomahawk — which is a fancy wagyu cut wrapped in a 24-karat gold leaf.

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Yes, it’s edible. No, we don’t know if it will actually make your dookie twinkle.

The steak is reportedly priced right around $1,000 — but we don’t know if Conor was charged the full amount. Hey, they say the wealthiest people get the most free stuff, right?!

Seems Conor has been on a spending spree ever since he took that “L” to Dustin Poirier on Fight Island at UFC 257 back on January 24. He even scooped up a fancy new Rolex, inspired by Tupac.

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Dana White wouldn’t tell us exactly how much Conor made for the fight — but did say the final number was HIGH.

McGregor is expected to rake in even more cash in a trilogy fight with Poirier — that’s expected to go down around May (though nothing is confirmed yet).

In the meantime, enjoy the steak!

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