Rosemarie Vega DUMPS Big Ed Brown on 90 Day Fiance: You’re a Terrible Person!!

It’s so hard to keep track of this past weekend’s 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days breakups that we had to write a list.

One split really stood out: Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega. She didn’t just ditch him — she told him why. She roasted him thoroughly.

Fans knew that this was coming.

Between Rosemarie vowing to expose the truth about Ed to viewers already knowing about his lies, the split seemed inevitable.

Finally, after wasting so much of her time and energy, Ed confessed to Rose that he doesn’t want more kids — he wants a vasectomy.

Rose, a 23-year-old mother of one who wants more kids, was disgusted that he had strung her along for so long.

“Please change your behavior,” Rosemarie implores Big Ed at the beginning of this clip.

She wants him to become a better person “because [you will one day] see another girl.”

“And,” she explains, “I think [you’ll do again to] her what you [did to] hurt me.”

Ed shakes his head, and mutters “alright.”

“So you think I’m bad?” Ed asks, though it’s not much of a question. 

“I’m a bad person?” he adds, with a resigned and resentful “okay.”

“Yeah,” Rosemarie says, with a grimace of disgust.

Clearly, even though he should have known that this moment was coming before he stepped onto the plane, Ed was not expecting this.

Ed then very abruptly stands up, walks around the table, and walks off.

Context clues, such as the angle at which he holds his face and the way that he was breathing, suggest that he may have been crying.

Rosemarie remains at the table.

She has had hours to process this — her anger, her disappointment, and the reality that this relationship is over.

Rosemarie makes her way back to the hotel room, where she begins to pack up her belongings.

(Also, what is her backpack made of? I haven’t worn one in a while, but that material looks unusually thin, right?)

Though she has already been processing her new reality for some time, she has just confronted Ed.

So things are still pretty raw for Rose, too.

With some very gentle prompting from production, Rosemarie begins to express her feelings to the camera.

“I feel hurt and I feel sad,” Rose expresses.

She explains that she feels this way “because Ed has not accepted his own mistakes.”

Ed seems to think that his choice to lie to her about something very fundamental to their future plans should not have elicited this response.

“I miss my son,” Rosemarie catalogues, referring to sweet young Prince.

She explains that she left Prince with her family so that she could go on this trip with Ed.

She continues to pack up the few belongings that she brought with her to this hotel.

“I feel sad,” she expresses with resignation.

Production also catches up with Big Ed as he continues his walk through the grounds of this seemingly deserted hotel and resort.

They ask if he is okay, and while the answer is clearly “no,” Ed simply replies “yeah.”

“I don’t know,” he tells the camera, trying to find the words to express his state of mind.

“I can’t hear her anymore,” Ed expresses, meaning that he no longer wants to listen to Rosemarie.

“It just hurt,” Ed complains, “it just hurts me too much.”

“I mean,” he expresses frankly, “I’m f–king shocked.”

Ed complains: “I waited 28 years to find love again.”

“Maybe she just needs time,” he hopes. “I need to let her calm down “

“I’m going to the airport so that I can try to change my flight,” Rosemarie narrates to the camera.

She explains that she is doing so “because I want to go home.”

Rose declares: “I’m done with this relationship.”

There is nothing left for her, here.

“When Ed and I met online,” she recalls, “I liked Ed because he gave me respect.”

“But,” Rose continues, “after I met Ed in person, I realized who [Ed truly is] right now.”

Rose opines that she looks forward to meeting her “true king in the future.”

Ed thinks that he needs to let Rose calm down … but that ship has sailed.

The last that we see of Big Ed in this episode is as he gazes over the water of the conspicuously empty pool.

Whether production prompted him to do that, he’s doing it for the camera’s benefit, or he’s just zoning out due to his emotions is anyone’s guess.

It’s clear that he does not yet realize that Rosemarie has already boarded a vehicle and left for the airport.

In his mind, maybe this can still be salvaged.

There is a lesson here, one that Ed may have forgotten in the past 28 years: don’t go into relationships with deeply dishonest intentions.

The decision about whether or not to have kids (among other parenting choices) is fundamental to marriage.

Many have pointed out that there may be a reason that Ed has been unlucky in love since five years before Rose was born.

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