Roku Founder Explains Why HBO Max & Peacock Are Still Not Offered

Anthony Wood, the founder and CEO of Roku, is opening up about what the new streaming services HBO Max and Peacock are still not being offered on the platform.

HBO Max launched on May 27 and Peacock launched to the general public on July 15, but you can’t stream them on a Roku still.

“Our platform is open to these services on very reasonable terms,” Anthony told Variety. “All of their main competitors are available on the Roku platform. Fair and reasonable content distribution deals are how we finance the low-cost easy-to-use Roku platform that consumers use to access these services on their TVs.”

The Variety report says that Roku’s “standard ask is 20% of subscription fees and 30% of ad inventory on partner channels.”

WarnerMedia reportedly wants to remove the standalone HBO service from The Roku Channel and have HBO Max as the only option available, which Roku does not support. Peacock only has 5 minutes or less of advertising per hour, so they don’t accept the ad split terms.

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