Rod Stewart reflects on late dad’s brave move in WW2 as he recalls trauma on VE Day

During a discussion with Alex Jones and Huw Edwards on The One Show this evening, Sir Rod Stewart, 75, spoke about his brave dad Robert, who worked as an Air Raid Precautions enforcer during the Second World War.

The singer told the presenters: “He was in the ARP, the air rescue police so he had to go to hospitals and pull out children.

“It involved bomb sites you know a dreadful job but he was brave and he did it.”

The singer went on tell the hosts he was five months old when WW2 took place.

Alex then asked: “Were you an air raid shelter baby?”

“Yes indeed I was,” he replied as he reflected on the traumatic he “nearly didn’t make it” when he was born.

He explained: “In fact I nearly didn’t make it because 20 minutes before I was born a V2-rocket dropped on the local police station, I think my mum must’ve gone ‘Ooh, he’s out,’” Rod laughed.

The presenters then asked him how he is coping during the current lockdown with his wife Penny and four children.

Rod said he is missing football and the pub, but noted he is “very lucky” to have luxuries at his home.

He added: “We are very lucky, we have an indoor pool, a football pitch – we’ve got everything we need – 54 acres, so I am thank god very lucky.”

Elsewhere Rod has been doing his bit to support the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Faces star donated various items to be put up for auction for Chris Evans’ fundraiser.

Catching up with the Virgin Radio host last week, he told listeners which items he had given up for the good cause.

The singer kindly donated a signed Celtic shirt and his cartier watch, which he bought in the early stages of his marriage to Penny.

Giving background about his watch, the singer explained: ”I think I told you I bought that when I met Penny back in the day when I was on holiday in the south of France.

“It’s a beauty, it’s a men’s watch, it’s a summer watch, it’s white.

“And everybody has seen it because I wear it so much on stage.”

“Rod, thanks so much, I really appreciate it,” Chris replied.

“I’ve got lots of other stuff if you want it,” which prompted a stunned Chris to reply: “Woah!”

Celebrities including Holly Willoughby, Ant and Dec and Will Smith have also contributed items towards the auction.

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