Richard Hammond says new solo move is ‘refreshing’ in swipe at shows with Jeremy and James

The Great Escapists: Richard Hammond stars in Amazon show

The Grand Tour star Richard Hammond, 51, has teamed up with Mythbusters presenter Tory Belleci, 50, for their new Amazon show titled The Great Escapists. Viewers will see the pair putting their survival skills to the test in a series of challenges on a desert island.

It’s really refreshing when somebody has the faith and confidence to let us just get on with it.

Richard Hammond

At one point in the show, fans see the duo building a car out of wood and making glass to build a lighthouse in an attempt to attract passing ships.

Reflecting on their time together, Richard said working on a new Amazon project had been “refreshing” and the “most exciting show” he had worked on in his broadcasting career.

He said: “It’s really refreshing when somebody has the faith and confidence to let us just get on with it.

“In 30 years of broadcasting, it’s been the most exciting journey I’ve ever been on because from day one I looked around and thought, ‘Everyone around me is good at their job, and that’s why they’re here’.”

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The car enthusiast is widely known for his work on Top Gear and The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

When asked if he had asked his co-stars for their feedback on The Great Escapists, he told “No, they do separate projects.

“We never… We do our own things.

“I wouldn’t ask for their feedback, it would be rude if they did,” he joked.

“We’re all aware of what the other one is doing, that’s the joy.

“When you work in a team, that’s great, that’s its own world and it’s own thing, but you come away from it and do your own stuff and go back to it.

“One doesn’t affect the other.”

On working with his new co-star Tory, he added he believes the duo will be “friends for life”.

“We are so similar, it’s ridiculous,” he admitted.

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“Our attitudes are very similar. He works in a similar way to me. I absolutely love working with the guy, it’s the easiest thing.

“From the first moment when we shot the first scene it was an instant connection on set.

“We’d go through a scene a few times as there are marks to hit and plot points to get in but it’s semi-improvised.

“If I go in a different direction he will always pick up and run with it because he’s listening and engaged. We’re not just standing there delivering lines to each other.”

Richard went on to say: “In some of these scenes Tory is completely upstaging me. Before we got on set I was thinking ‘I hope he’s good’, but very quickly it was a case of ‘Oh, he’s really good’.”

Away from The Grand Tour, Jeremy has been working on his own farming show for the past year titled I Bought The Farm.

James also recently fronted his own cooking show James May: Oh Cook.

The Great Escapists will launch January 29 on Amazon Prime Video.

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