'RHOSLC' Jen Shah Creating Play with Fellow Inmates, 'RH of Prison Camp'

Star Jen Shah Creating Play With Prison Inmates Called "The Real Housewives of Bryan

Jen Shah isn’t lettin’ prison bars keep her out of showbiz — she’s developing a stage play similar to her ‘Housewives’ Bravo series, and some of her fellow inmates are all-in too!

Yeah, if you were wondering what the ‘RHOSLC’ star’s been up to at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, TX — Jen’s manager, Chris Giovanni, tells us she’s working on a production aptly titled “The Real Housewives of Bryan.”

Chris says it’s still in the early phases, as Jen’s taking time to teach some of her crew how to read and write. Regardless, we’re told the script revolves around the real-life housewives residing at FPC Bryan … but the personalities are cranked up to 11.

Aside from her directorial debut, Jen’s been making strong friendships … even mentoring other ladies and keeping them encouraged during their sentences. Chris says she’s been working in the prison’s educational department and the library since going in almost two months ago.

jenn shah in court

We’re told she’s lost about 15 pounds, and has been working out daily — she’s also not eating much. Shocker, she doesn’t find the food all that good.

Chris adds … Jen hasn’t lost touch with her faith. It’s currently Ramadan and Jen and about five other ladies in her unit are fasting and praying daily.

TMZ broke the story … Jen surrendered herself to FPC Bryan in February to begin serving her 6.5-year sentence (which has reportedly been reduced by a year according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate database) after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

We doubt she can get Andy Cohen to host, but Jen’s reunion episode of ‘RHOB’ should be juicy — especially with prison rules applying!

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