Rebel Wilson and Mike Tyson Hang Out After Losing 160 Pounds Combined

The two champions of 2020 are hanging out! Rebel Wilson and Mike Tysonboth got in shape last year, and on Thursday the stars snapped a photo together. 

The 40-year-old Australian actress posted a photo with the 54-year-old boxing legend to her Instagram account. In the shot, Wilson is rocking black loafers with a pirate symbol embroidered on them, black pants and a yellow sweater. Tyson is sporting jeans and a leather jacket. Wilson shared a second shot with the athlete to her Instagram Stories.

A post shared by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson)

Back in November, Tyson took off his shirt during a live Good Morning America interview to show off his 100-pound weight loss. 

He shared that he’d become a vegan and started working out on the treadmill for up to two hours at a time. 

For her part, Wilson shed more than 60 pounds last year during her Year of Health. She previously shared that she kept her diet to under 1,500 calories a day and worked out “like a beast.”

A post shared by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson)

A post shared by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson)

In addition to posing with Tyson, the comedian and actress also posted a slow motion TikTok video of herself in hot pink workout leggings and a crop top twirling a towel around her fit frame to the tune of Ariana Grande’s “Positions.” She also posed in the pink lighting in front of a punching bag, writing, “Coming soon.” 

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