Quarantine Is Doing Wonders for Adam Sandler’s Sex Life

We’ve already seen a few times this year that Adam Sandler is particularly adept at making the best of a bad situation (his Uncut Gems Oscar snub is forever unforgivable). Now, while he’s stuck inside along with the rest of us, he’s once again making the best of a rather crummy situation, and finding a silver lining. In this case? He says he and his wife have been “fooling around a lot more,” and that they’ve been “very experimental” in their sexual endeavors.

Sandler was the first guest to video in for the new, entirely-remote version of Conan, and the pair talked about a number of topics, including technology, going for walks (and keeping distance) and Sandler, of course, getting in shouting matches. One moment that particularly stood out, though, was when Sandler explained to O’Brien something that his wife showed him.

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“She showed me this new thing the other night that was bananas,” he said. “You hold yourself up, your wife is laying beneath you, and you do the moves!

As Sandler and O’Brien continued to banter about the sex move, the pair eventually commented that what the comedian was describing was basically a core-intensive, full-body workout.

Basically, a push-up position, or a plank, as you like to do, and then it’s a lot of hipping and gippping.” Sandler said. “If you can do a 20-second plank, you can do this!” Sandler added.

O’Brien will continue to do his show entirely remotely, with his staff working from home, airing each weeknight at 11:00 on TBS. You can watch the first episode right here.

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