Prince William is already thinking about the changes hell make when hes king

In March, we heard that Prince Charles and Prince William had decided to hire two PR gurus, aka “crisis managers,” to help them with their awful PR following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview, which did lasting damage to the monarchy. The crisis managers didn’t start until the beginning of May, and I think we’re seeing their work before us. We’re no longer hearing about William’s fits of rage, his incandescence at being the Other Brother. We’ve heard that suddenly, Charles and William want to “draw a line under Harry and Meghan” and “get back to work.” The thing is, William never has a lot going on. He’s taken to tagging along on Kate’s events and doing the odd, dull solo event every so often. And… that’s about it. There’s only so much to say about the Earthshot Prize, especially since I think he’s already bored with it. So now the focus is on talking about what William will do as king. Uh…

He just can’t wait to be king! Prince William may still have a ways to go before he takes the throne, but the future monarch already has big ideas.

“William is already thinking about the future of the Monarchy and the changes he’ll make,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “While he respects protocol, he plans to modernize some aspects and is making it his mission to be more relatable than previous generations.”

“He and Kate have successfully created a healthy balance of openness [in the public eye] while maintaining the sense of mystery that surrounds the royal family and keeps us engaged,” the insider adds.

The pair, who celebrated their 10-year anniversary in April, won’t be “revealing everything about the personal life” any time soon — but William is no stranger to being in the spotlight. While he once found his royal stardom “difficult to deal with when he was younger,” he’s grown more comfortable in his senior role. “William accepts that being in the spotlight is part of the job, and is fine with it,” the source tells Us. “He takes his future role as King seriously and sees it as a great honor and privilege to be in his position. The Monarchy and his family will always come first.”

Through the years, William “has more than proved himself to be worthy” of the throne and is “confident” that he “will make a great king” someday. Having Kate, 39, to wade through the ups and downs with is an added bonus. “Kate is his rock and they work as a team,” the source says.

Unlike William, his younger brother, Prince Harry, struggled to adapt to the palace pressures. In January 2020, the 36-year-old Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle, announced their plans to step down from their senior royal duties. Two months later, they relocated to California with their son, Archie, who was born in May 2019.

[From Us Weekly]

Harry “struggled to adapt to the palace pressures” huh? There’s already been a handful of mentions like that in the British press recently. That’s their new storyline, that Harry left the Windsors because he couldn’t “adapt” to royal life. No. Harry left because his racist family threw his wife to the wolves and abused her so badly she was suicidal. But that storyline leads into Strong, Competent, Bold, Modern, Forward-Thinking William. William, the Victorian, who loves being royal because he loves bullying people and he loves when everyone kisses his ass. William, who can’t wait to wear the crown and rage at everyone. Does he not give any thought to what he will do as Prince of Wales? When Charles becomes king, William will inherit a now HUGE Prince of Wales/Duke of Cornwall role. And I sometimes think that William just doesn’t care about that, that he’s not even bothering to “prepare” to be Prince of Wales.

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