Prince Charles Told Diana 'He Didn't Love Her' The Night Before Their Wedding?! Yeesh!

With the benefit of 40 years of hindsight, we know Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was doomed from the start. But now, there’s reason to believe Diana had advance warning about it, too…

A new ITV documentary, The Diana Interview: Revenge Of A Princess, will explore the late Princess Di’s bombshell Panorama interview, in which she opened up about her failing marriage, her bulimia and self-harm, and her and Charles’ infidelities, famously noting that “there were three of us in this marriage” regarding Camila Parker-Bowles.

The beleaguered royal had been struggling for years leading up to her separation from the future King of England — and according to one friend, the trouble began before the couple even said their vows. Per, Diana’s astrologer Penny Thornton tells ITV:

“One of the most shocking things that Diana told me was that the night before the wedding Charles told her that he didn’t love her… I think Charles didn’t want to go into the wedding on a false premise. He wanted to square it with her and it was devastating for Diana.”

OMG! How did she react?!

“She didn’t want to go through with the wedding at that point, she thought about not attending the wedding.”


He might’ve considered sharing that before they were set to walk down the aisle!

Elsewhere in the doc, pal James Colthurst says:

“I remember she was becoming more and more incensed by what was going on and the fact that the whole organization, as she saw it, was helping to support the relationship between Camilla and Prince Charles. She would have moments of extreme anger and wanting to bash the mattress with the tennis racquet and that kind of thing, and I said, ‘Well, I think there are ways of lancing the abscess.’”

The Panorama interview marked a serious break between Diana and the Royal Family, as Queen Elizabeth & Co. had no prior knowledge of the sit down (and definitely wouldn’t have approved if they did). William and Harry’s uncle, Earl Spencer, has recently called for a BBC investigation into the 1996 interview, claiming it was set up under false pretenses.

Spencer claimed that journalist Martin Bashir presented forged documents about royal officials spying on Diana in order to win their trust. In an email leaked to the Daily Mail, Spencer argued:

“If it were not for me seeing these statements, I would not have introduced Bashir to my sister. In turn, he would have remained just one of thousands of journalists hoping that he/she had a tiny chance of getting her to speak to them, with no realistic prospect of doing so.”

But royal journalist Jennie Bond proposed that the Panorama interview’s revelations would have happened one way or another. In the documentary, she shares:

“Diana told me she feared that as part of the divorce settlement she felt was coming she would be gagged. She would be prohibited from talking publicly about the marriage in any way. It was then or never.”

It’s impossible to say what would have happened under different circumstances, especially because Diana is no longer with us. Her relationship with the royal family and the media was defined by tragedy, but we’re glad she was able to tell her own story in her own words while she had the chance.

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