President Biden’s Dog Major Still Needs Adjustment After Involved in Second Biting Incident

First Lady Jill Biden’s spokesperson Michael LaRosa confirms the 3-year-old German Shepherd ‘nipped someone while on a walk,’ a week after returned to the White House following a similar incident.

AceShowbiz -President Joe Biden’s dog Major has been involved in a second biting incident in a month. The younger of the Biden family’s two dogs “nipped someone while on a walk” on Monday, March 29, said Michael LaRosa, press secretary to first lady Jill Biden.

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson said the individual was seen by the White House Medical Unit “out of an abundance of caution” and returned to work without injury. LaRosa went on stressing that the dog “is still adjusting to his new surroundings.”

The dog had been seen by reporters on a walk around the White House South Lawn before the president and the first lady traveled to to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial early Monday evening. The White House has not released a statement on the second biting incident.

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Major, who was adopted by Biden and his wife from an animal rescue in 2018, was involved in a similar incident earlier this month. A Secret Service member, who was nipped by the dog, only had “extremely minor” injury and was reported to be able to continue working that day. “No skin was broken,” a Secret Service official confirmed to NBC News at the time.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained the incident to the press, “The first family’s younger dog, Major, was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual, which was handled by the White House Medical Unit with no further treatment needed.”

While Major and Champ, the Biden family’s elder dog, were sent to the Bidens’ Wilmington, Delaware, home following the first biting incident, it was later clarified that they were not kicked out of the White House. Instead, “It had been previously planned already for the dogs to be cared for by family friends in Delaware during Dr. Biden’s travels to military bases this week,” said Psaki.

The two dogs have been returned to the White House since last week.

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