Pregnant Leighton Meester Calls Out Troll Who Says She’s ‘Fat’: ‘That’s Really Nice&

Leighton Meester is pregnant with her second child during a worldwide pandemic — she shouldn’t have to deal with internet trolls on top of it all!

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when she joined her Single Parents costar Kimrie Lewis-Davis’s Instagram Live. As the pair chatted, Meester noticed a particularly nasty comment pop up. The Gossip Girl called out the rude remark on Wednesday, saying:

“Somebody just told me I got fat—that’s really nice.”

Note the sarcasm!

The 34-year-old proceeded to single out the troll by reading the user’s name aloud and saying hello. Her pal also spoke up on her behalf, saying, “That’s not nice, you guys.”

Luckily, the actresses were able to brush off the insensitive comment and continue their chat. 

Meester went on to describe how she spent her birthday, on April 9, while in quarantine:

“I went nowhere. I got a Passover brisket and kugel delivered and coconut macarons and lots of soup. I had a cake as well, a chocolate 3-grain cake. I ate it all, the whole thing. It was better than my midday cereal. It was very good and wonderful.”

Showing off a gift from her mother-in-law, she continued:

“I got these earrings and some overalls. I wore a sheet mask for, like, 10 minutes. I wanted to be with my family, which is all I could ask for.”

While Leighton might be having a low-key quarantine, her alter ego Blair Waldrof is busier than ever! Over the past week, a Gossip Girl meme has reigned supreme on the internet. The format had people rearranging and remixing the title into a conversation between two of the show’s central characters. Needless to say, the results were hilarious. 

Even costar Blake Lively got in on the fun with a COVID-19 themed meme. The pic, posted to Lively’s story, showed her character Serena van der Woodsen asking, “What should I wear to the supermarket?”

Blair’s response? “Gloves girl.”

Funny AND informative… we have no choice but to stan!

On her own social media, expecting mom Meester has posted her support for Feeding America and highlighted the plight of single mothers during the coronavirus crisis. 

While the Country Strong star and husband Adam Brody haven’t officially announced her pregnancy, the news was all but confirmed when she was spotted on a family outing rocking a baby bump. The couple share a 4-year-old daughter Arlo Day.

We’re wishing Leighton a completely troll-free rest of her pregnancy!

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