Podcast Host Claims Travis Scott Was Mad at Him for Exposing Romance with Rihanna

Back in 2015, Travis Scott was on the cover of Complex magazine where he was asked about any budding relationship with Rihanna.

The author of that article, Lawrence Schlossman, is now revealing that Travis was not happy with him that his alleged romance with Rihanna was exposed in that article.

“I broke the news about him and Rihanna, which they told me not to do,” Lawrence said on the Throwing Fits podcast. “Apparently, what [Complex editor Joe] LaPuma, our boy Joe The Puma, told me was that it hurt Complex’s relationship with Travis. This was in 2015/16 I wrote this. But apparently, for the next couple of years, he would complain about that.”

Here’s a quote from the 2015 article: “Travis avoids directly putting a label on his budding relationship, laughing and imploring me to not “do [me] like that, man” when I ask about it as delicately as possible. I am, however, able to get him to describe her in three words: ‘creative,’ ‘inspiring,’ and, after a long pause (and some assistance from Corey), ‘muse.’”

Travis and Rihanna‘s relationship was no secret – they were seen making out at a party earlier in 2015.

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