Phora Gets Shot at on His Way to Las Vegas Meet and Greet, One Is Injured

Instagram Story videos posted by the California rapper show him and his crew rushing to safety while someone in his yellow Lamborghini is bleeding, possibly from a gunshot wound.

AceShowbiz -Another day, another hip-hop star got involved in a shooting. California rapper Phora has been forced to cancel his planned meet and greet after he and his crew got shot at on the highway while they were on the way to the event in Las Vegas.

The “Open Letter” spitter was driving his yellow Lamborghini on Wednesday night, March 3 when it was showered with bullets and someone in his car appeared to get struck. In a video posted by the 26-year-old star on his Instagram Story, he checked on the person, who appeared to be his manager, as he urged everyone to move.

“Are you good?” he asked the man sitting on the passenger seat, who screamed in pain as he pressed on his wound which was bleeding. “We gotta get the f**k outta here. Let’s go, let’s go!” he yelled in panic, before what sounds like a gunshot was heard and the video abruptly ended. The video also showed two holes on the hood of his car, likely getting hit by the bullets.

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His record label Yours Truly has released a statement confirming the shooting and announcing the cancellation of the meet and greet in Las Vegas, which was supposed to take place on Thursday afternoon, March 4, and other similar events in Los Angeles and Rd National City, planned for Friday, March 5 and Saturday, March 6, respectively.

“Due to the unexpected events that have occurred, the meet and greet in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego are cancelled,” the statement released on Thursday read. “Last night Photo and members of the Yours Truly team were shot at on the highway while headed to Las Vegas for a meet and greet. No further details are available at this time.”

It continued, “The shooting is currently under investigation and we will provide details/updates as soon as we receive them. Please send love and keep everyone in your prayers.” There’s no word who was injured in the incident and if Phora got injured that night.

Instead of showing their sympathy, some people, however, criticized Phora for recording the incident for clout instead of helping his injured crew member. “Doing it for attention,” one person accused the rapper.

“It’s sickening that even in a crisis people will pickup their phones to record. It’s sick & disgusting,” a second commenter remarked. Another baffled person demanded, “man put ya phone down man help ya dude out.”

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