Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan: The Producers Tried to Keep Us Apart!

Just days ago, Peter Weber opened up about Kelley Flanagan and a litany of his other exes.

Now, the two of them are opening up together about Peter’s season and what set Kelley apart from the other contestants.

Peter and Kelley sat down for a remote interview for The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast.

Among other things, Peter shared that Kelley really helped him to find a sense of peace after all of the drama.

Kelley characterized herself as having “always been” a “little helper.”

By that, she meant that she likes to take people under her wing and “leading them in the right direction.”

“Especially with him, like, you can tell he’s super smart and gets it,” Kelley opined.

“But,” she admitted, “there’s some things where you just want to shake him and be like, ‘Wake up. Like, what are you doing?'”

“I don’t know why I took him under my wing,” Kelley stated.

“But there are just some things that I could see that I could tell he couldn’t see,” she shared.

“And,” Kelley continued, “I just felt the need to be like, ‘Peter, what the hell are you doing?'”

“Especially with him,” she emphasized. “I could be, like, completely honest with him.”

“Like, believe me, I don’t hold back on anything,” Kelley warned.

“He hears the hard truth on everything,” she stated, “whether it’s mean, rude, he doesn’t want to hear it and he’s able to handle it.”

“I like people that are like that,” Kelley continued.

She added: “I became really close with Kelsey [Weier] on the show, as well for the same reason.”

Speaking of the show, Kelley also recalled observing that Peter was “getting manipulated” during his season.

She claimed that it had “pissed” her off, prompting her desire to help him.

“And again, I wasn’t the best contestant for the show, and I think everyone knows that,” Kelley acknowledged.

“But even with him, on the show,” she noted, “I’d see him getting manipulated.”

Kelley continued: “And I just wanted to be like, ‘Can you stop! Like, make your own decision. Like, stop!'”

Some have questioned whether Peter actually can make his own decisions.

“Even in terms of, like, him and my relationship on the show,” Kelley continued.

She said: “You know, the first couple of weeks I saw him, like, look at me differently compared to when we got on our one-on-one.”

“And I could tell a hundred percent that, like, producers were in his head,” Kelley recalled.

“Because on the one-on-one,” she said, “nothing happened between us, but he had this, like, demeanor towards me.”

Kelley said that Peter had a demeanor “that was, like, so pissed off.”

“And,” she added, “I was looking at him like, ‘What the hell were you told? Because, you know what, nothing happened here for you to have this, like, attitude.'”

“And so right then and there,” Kelley announced, “I knew something was going on behind-the-scenes, and I was like, ‘This is bulls–t.'”

Ultimately, Kelley asked Peter if they could “speak freely” during their one-on-one, which is when she warned: “‘Hey Peter, they don’t let me see you.'”

“I said, ‘You clearly know they push some people forward, and they don’t push others forward,'” Kelley recalled telling Peter.

She continued: “And I was like, ‘You’ve been in my position before. What do you want me to do?'”

“I saw…like things were getting in his head [and] that he wasn’t able to make his own decision,” Kelley described, “and it just kind of pissed me off.”

Peter acknowledged that “the show wasn’t the perfect avenue for us to really get along well.”

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