Peter Andre defends Justin Bieber after singer faced cultural appropriation accusations over dreadlocks

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Peter Andre has defended Justin Bieber against claims of cultural appropriation after the singer faced backlash for sporting dreadlocks in a recent photo.

Speaking in his column with new , Peter said: "Justin Bieber has been accused of cultural appropriation after he shared a snap of himself with dreadlocks.

"Now, I’ve had my hair like this in the past – when I was in and out of the surf in Australia and my hair would mat and eventually turn into dreadlocks – and I would never have thought in a million years that anyone would think it was wrong or find it offensive."

He added: "If anything, it was showing how much I loved a style. I understand that it may offend some people, but I can’t imagine that Justin will have intentionally done this to upset anyone. "

Justin shared a photo with his 171 million Instagram followers, sporting a black and pink jumper, red sorts and sunglasses and dreadlocks.

The Baby singer captioned the image with two palm tree emojis and shared several snaps with different filters on.

Despite some loving the new look, others weren’t convinced and took to the comment section to dispute his hair do.

“Now why did justin bieber get dreadlocks and why does he keep getting a pass,” one person wrote.

Another added: “justin sweetheart you have to understand that to support black people and the anti racism movement you have to be coherent to what you preach and that means not doing cultural appropriation ever dreadlocks do not look good on you @justinbieber." [sic]

Another Instagram user penned: “What happened to your hair darling,” and a fourth said: “"Justin what the hell is up with your hair."

Justin’s dreadlocks were put into various positions, with one strand appearing like a pigtail in the making.

This isn’t the first time the star has experimented with dreadlocks, with Justin also trying out the hairstyle in 2016.

Last time, Justin had bright blonde hair when he sported his dreadlocks but the look was still controversial and it was a short-lived look for the star.

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