Pete Davidson: Shaken and Hurt by Ariana Grande Engagement to Dalton Gomez?

Over the weekend, Ariana Grande became engaged to Dalton Gomez after less than a year of dating.

There are obvious parallels to Ariana’s whirlwind romance and brief engagement to Pete Davidson in 2018.

The question is: what does Pete think about history seemingly repeating itself?

After all, he was clearly heartbroken when the engagement ended and they broke up.

Falling in love fast doesn’t mean that the breakup is any less devastating — it just means fewer painful memories, at best.

But according to HollywoodLife, Pete is actually coping pretty well now that he’s had over two years to process that split.

In fact, an insider says that Pete wishes Ariana “the best” in her new engagement and in life in general.

The source continues: “He’s really happy for her.”

“From what he can tell,” the insider goes on to say, “Dalton treats Ariana with total respect.”

The source continues: “And like she deserves to be treated.”

Those are both certainly things that Ariana, one of the most talented and beloved people on the planet, deserves — at a bare minimum.

Going from dating to engaged to broken up within the space of five months cannot have been easy, but Pete seems to have made peace with the split.

“He’s happy for the time they spent together,” the insider describes.

“But,” the source continues, Pete “also knows they’ve both moved on.”

“He’s glad she’s happy,” the insider affirms.

“And,” the source adds, Pete wholeheartedly “congratulates her on the next chapter.”

And there is more to the report on Pete’s feelings on the matter.

A second insider explains that Pete knows that he and Ariana “had an amazing moment together, [one] filled with so much love,” but recognizes that this is in the past.

“Pete knows that he will be connected to Ariana forever,” this second source notes.

“But,” the insider shares, “he is happy to see that she is able to move on, just as much as he has.”

The source once again emphasizes: “He is very happy for her and only wishes her the best.”

Honestly, the rest of us are happy for her and only wish her the best.

That said, some fans have a lot of questions about Dalton. Who is he?

Arianators were first introduced to Dalton early this year, after he and Ariana were spotted making out on Valentine’s Day.

They had already been dating for weeks, at least, at that point.

The two were then in lockdown together, putting the isolation to good use — with what we will generously refer to as “bonding time.”

Dalton is a realtor for luxury homes, and he seems to be a fairly private person.

While Pete was also a household name through Saturday Night Live, Dalton set his Instagram to private before most Americans were even sheltering in place for the pandemic.

(And he’s not just automatically approving requests, either. I’ve been in “request pending” mode for most of the year. How am I supposed to be nosy if I can’t follow him?)

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