Olivia Rodrigo Names the 1 Music Star She Wants to Write a Song With

Olivia Rodrigo hasn’t gone on tour yet, but she is already a massive success in the music industry. The 19-year-old pop star could work with practically any artist she wants, and she said Gwen Stefani is the person she would most like to write a song with. Here’s what Stefani said in response.

Olivia Rodrigo said the artist she most wants to work with is Gwen Stefani

In a December 2021 interview for Time, Olivia Rodrigo named Gwen Stefani as the artist she would most like to write a song with. She has idolized the No Doubt singer for years, so working with her would be a dream come true. 

Stefani responded to the publication and granted Rodrigo’s wish. “I’d be honored,” she said. Perhaps a Rodrigo and Stefani collaboration is in the future, although the teenage pop star is scheduled to go on tour for the first time this spring. 

Rodrigo named other musicians she grew up listening to, and she said Taylor Swift is another star she’d love to work with. “I mean, I would just love to just be in a studio with Taylor,” said the “brutal” singer. “I don’t even have to write with her, I just want to watch how she does it because I just think she’s such a genius.”

The pop star also said she’d like to work with Phoebe Bridgers or the Kid LAROI.

The No Doubt singer returns the teenage pop star’s admiration

Olivia Rodrigo’s admiration for Gwen Stefani isn’t one-sided. The No Doubt star wrote about Rodrigo for Time, and she had nothing but praise for the “good 4 u” singer. “Olivia Rodrigo is a master at turning her heartbreak into something glorious,” she wrote. “While Olivia’s storytelling is confessional and intimate, it’s also larger than life. By pouring her heart out with so much courage and total command of her talent, Olivia made magic.”

Stefani wrote, “For anyone going through their first heartbreak, Olivia’s voice is a light in the dark, a promise that your pain can someday become a deep source of power.”

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