Nikki Bella Refused C-Section During Difficult Childbirth

The ‘Total Bellas’ star recalls chanting to The Lumineers’ song ‘Ho Hey’ during childbirth as she was determined to give birth to her first child without surgery.

AceShowbiz -Wrestler-turned-reality TV personality Nikki Bella sang along to The Lumineers‘ hits “Ho Hey” and “Ophelia” while giving birth to her new son.

The “Total Bellas” star welcomed her son Matteo Artemovich with fiance Artem Chigvintsev last month (Jul20) – just one day before her twin sister Brie gave birth to her second child, son Buddy Dessert, with her wrestler husband Daniel Bryan.

Introducing the new cousins during a feature for People magazine, the pair opened up about giving birth within 22 hours of each other and how in love they already are with their sons.

“I’ve been up since 3 am, but this is what I’ve wanted my whole life,” gushed Nikki. “The fact that he’s here – I’m just so in love and happy.”

Originally due 6 August, Nikki was on her way to get induced early when her water broke in the doctor’s office – and she revealed that, due to Covid-19, she was forced to wear a mask throughout the labour, leaving her “burning hot” and doctors fearing she’d require a C-section.

“I had two more rounds of pushing (to go) until my doctor said, ‘You’re going to have to have a c-section.’ I said, ‘No, he’s coming out vaginally,’ ” she recalled. “I looked at Artem, and I go, ‘Put on The Lumineers!’ And literally we ‘Hey Ho’-ed and ‘-Ophelia’-ed Matteo into this world… I have never pushed so hard in my life. I almost tore off the handlebars!”

Meanwhile, Brie – who joked she was a little “upset” Nikki went into labor first – was scheduled for a C-section on 1 August, found the experience “so different” to welcoming her first child, daughter Birdie, with whom she needed an emergency C-section.

“When Matteo came on the 31st, I was like, ‘No matter what, my baby is coming at 9 a.m. tomorrow.’ We didn’t know it was a boy yet,” she explained. “Just to walk into a c-section and be completely alert… When they pulled out Buddy, they put down the curtain, and my husband was like, ‘Oh, I got a boy!’ We were really overwhelmed with joy.”

After being placed into hospital rooms right next to each other, the sisters were finally able to meet each other’s babies for the first time – and the pair confessed they’ve been overwhelmed by how “calm and patient” the tots have been.

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