Nicole Young Says Dr. Dre Has THREE Mistresses! And She Wants Them To Testify In Divorce!

Oh, so this divorce is getting UGLY ugly.

Previously in the battle between Dr. Dre and his now ex-wife Nicole Young, the mogul’s business partner accused Young of embezzling more than $350k from their company Record One. Young claimed she was entitled to the cash — but she wasn’t going to take the accusation lying down. She’s now pointing the finger back at Dre over his alleged infidelity — with THREE different women.

According to, Young has subpoenaed singers Jillian Speer, Crystal Sierra, and model Kili Anderson for deposition, believing them all to be former mistresses of the acclaimed producer. To make matters more interesting, the women have banded together and hired the same lawyer, Kris LeFan, to fight the subpoenas.

A key element of the fight between Dre and Nicole is their prenuptial agreement. Dre wants it enforced, but Nicole claimed that he had torn it up early in their marriage as a “romantic gesture.” reported that LeFan said none of the women has “information relevant to the enforceability” of the pre-marital agreement. She also stated:

“Any extra marital affair would be irrelevant because California is a no-fault divorce state and in a pleading or proceeding for dissolution of marriage or legal separation of the parties, including depositions and discovery proceedings, evidence of specific acts of misconduct is improper and inadmissible.”

Crystal and Kili have both made their social media private, but Jillian’s Instagram is still available to view. Her most recent post includes a lengthy poem by Joy Harjo that references forgiveness. It reads in part:

“Cut the ties you have to failure & shame.
Let go the pain you are holding in your mind, your shoulders, your heart, all the way to your feet. Let go the pain of your ancestors to make way for those who are heading in our direction. Ask for forgiveness.”

Dre publicly denied an affair with Kili back in 2013. He was apparently spotted in the studio with Crystal earlier this year. In a previous filing, Nicole had accused her ex of “rampant and repeated marital misconduct” — we can now assume she was referring to repeated cheating.

The previous filing also challenged the Beats by Dre creator to produce the much disputed prenup, claiming he violated the law to turn over all relevant financial, business and personal documents, per TMZ. In addition to demanding the document be produced, she also asked the judge to impose a $50k sanction against him for failing to bring it forward.

Things are heating up so much with this split, we’re starting to sweat. But with a billion dollars on the line, we didn’t really expect any less!

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