Nicole Nafziger DESTROYS Shockingly Racist Troll Who Insulted May!

Nicole Nafziger gets an extraordinary amount of undeserved hate.

Some people troll because they are naturally cruel and lack impulse control.

Others do it because they feel powerless in their lives and if they can ruin a stranger's day online, it makes them feel stronger and more in control.

Ultimately, the reasons don't really matter — it's awful.

But the worst kind of trolling is the kind that is laced with bigotry or the kind that attacks children, obviously.

Nicole was on the receiving end of that, as someone viciously attacked her and her daughter, May … and found a way to make their insults explicitly racist, somehow.

Take a look below and see the kind of vitriol that Nicole has to deal with … and her intense clapback.

1.Nicole had time today!

2.We all know Nicole as a reality star

3.Nicole just recently became an aunt

4.But first and foremost, Nicole is a mom

5.May is Nicole's whole world

6.People can be so cruel

7.The hate became even worse this year

8.It's like she can't win

9.But she was having a good time

10.Then, the pandemic changed everything

11.May wasn't there

12.May was perfectly okay

13.What are grandmas for?

14.People gave Nicole so much grief

15.The mom-shaming continued

16.Their bond wasn't broken

17.Enough is enough

18.Take a look (but serious warning for, among other things, racism)

19.Nicole's reply was appropriately harsh

20.She also called out the troll

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