Nick and Vanessa Lachey criticized for being bad hosts of Love is Blind

Nick and Vanessa Lachey have hosted every season of Love is Blind to lackluster effect. I always sort of wondered, why them? It’s not like they met on a blind date; they’re just a stable, but C-list celeb couple. They barely interact with the cast, but pop up here and there to provide a little exposition for the audience and host the reunion. They’ve never been great hosts, but after the season four reunion they’re being called out for being actively bad.

Many fans are still waiting to watch the delayed “Love Is Blind” reunion, which failed to air live as planned on April 16, and is now dropping instead on Monday afternoon.

However, some people did manage to catch a delayed stream of the show on Sunday night. Many took to social media to share their reactions — including their thoughts on how Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosted the hotly anticipated episode.

People came after the Lacheys’ hosting style, with one Twitter user calling them “awkward as hosts” and having “no chemistry with the cast.”

Others were frustrated by the questions the hosts asked — or didn’t ask — the participants, claiming they could have delved more deeply into the drama.

“Nick and Vanessa Lachey are terrible hosts,” one person tweeted. “She asks all the wrong questions, takes the wrong sides and then goes, ‘time to move on’ before anyone’s answered a single thing.”

Others accused the hosts of being unfairly biased toward certain cast members, and not holding each cast member equally accountable.

Viewers said she was “biased towards” Jackelina Bonds, who was in a love triangle with Marshall Glaze and Josh Demas (who she is now with).

“This reunion was TERRIBLE! I’ve always defended the Lacheys when people said they were terrible hosts but I’m not going to anymore,” one person tweeted. “Nick barely said anything and Vanessa was so obviously biased towards Jackie and rude to Marshall.”

Cast member Paul Peden felt that Vanessa Lachey had a “personal bias” against him while asking about his breakup with Micah Lussier.

“I was like, ‘F— man.’ They kept drilling, drilling it down on me,” Paul told ET. “I think I said my piece. I think Vanessa might have had a little bit of personal bias in that scenario or at least I kind of detected that. I don’t know. But that’s just my assumption based on how she continued to drill into it after I gave my full rationale for why I felt the way that I did.”

“They need to fire Vanessa and Nick immediately,” another person wrote on Twitter. “Vanessa is so aggressive to the guys and or the wrong people. Nick doesn’t even talk. This reunion sucked because of the hosts.”

Others said the Lacheys put too much pressure on the married couples about having babies.

Many people also had thoughts about who could replace Nick and Vanessa Lachey as hosts of the hit Netflix reality series going forward.

One of the most popular suggestions?

The OG “Love Is Blind” couple Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton, who tied the knot in the first season and are still going strong.

“It’s time for them get vanessa and nick out of here and get cam and lauren in as the hosts,” one person tweeted.

“I said it once and I’ll say it again Lauren and Cameron should be the new host for #LoveisBlind it just makes sense. Nick and Vanessa serve no purpose anymore,” another person wrote. “Let’s give an actual couple that went through the experiment and it worked out. Validates the cast more.”


The fact that Netflix botched the live reunion and people still had time to criticize the Lacheys for their hosting… Enough said. No, but I do agree that they’re not good hosts. Their only value-add is being a famous and solid couple. Honestly, the Alexa/Siri device that hosts Too Hot To Handle adds more to that show than Nick and Vanessa do to Love is Blind. Nick doesn’t talk, but Vanessa was an actual host of TRL, so she should be better at this. Maybe those skills atrophied over the years, I don’t know. But I agree that she always takes the women’s sides, even in cases where it’s not justified like Jackelina and Micah. Along with much of the audience, Paul Penden called her out for how she interviewed him and she sent him apology flowers. And Vanessa is kind of rude when she interviews people — it’s like she mistakes snark for a personality and she kind of does a Blaccent sometimes and it’s annoying. Everyone loved Lauren and Cameron Speed-Hamilton from season one — they really should be the new hosts.

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