Niall Horan is Back to Bike Riding After His Recent Foot Injury

Niall Horan wears a tight cycling outfit while going for a bike ride on Friday morning (October 9) in London, England.

The 27-year-old singer appears to have healed after a foot injury over the summer that left him wearing a boot on his foot.

While telling fans about the injury back in August, Niall said, “I was chasing my cousin, missed the curb and went over on my ankle.”

“I snapped all the ligaments on the outside of my foot. I’ve got such ugly feet or I’d show the world how bruised it is,” he added (via Yahoo). “I was running drunk and in these new streets, you can drive down them and they’re also sometimes pedestrianized… so the curb looks the same as the actual drive-able road and there was a little curb.”

Over the summer, Niall was photographed while stepping out with his rumored girlfriend!

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