Netflix Reveals How Many People Watched ‘The Willoughbys’ in First Four Weeks!

The viewership data has been announced for the new Netflix animated movie The Willoughbys, which was released last month.

The streaming service says that 37.6 million accounts watched the movie within its first four weeks of release.

While Netflix previously calculated viewership numbers by counting users who have watched at least 70% of a movie or series, it now counts an account as a viewer if only two minutes are watched.

Chris Hemsworth‘s movie Extraction was released on the same day as The Willoughbys and it’s expected to become the most-watched movie in Netflix history with about 90 million viewers in the fist four weeks.

Make sure to listen to the touching song that Alessia Cara recorded for the movie. She also voices a character alongside a star-studded voice cast.

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