Michelle Young Confronted Rachael Kirkconnell on Racism Scandal, ABC Never Aired Convo

The focus of this season of The Bachelor was Rachael Kirkconnell’s racism scandal.

After The Final Rose had a thorough, necessary, and at times uncomfortable discussion about racism.

Viewers saw a lot. But there was another part of that conversation that never aired.

Michelle Young confronted Rachael over the scandal and how she handled it.

Matt James’ season ended with a choice between Rachael and Michelle.

At the time, he chose Rachael.

Since that scene was filmed, he has learned so much more about her. We all have.

Now, The Sun reports that there was more to the ATFR discussion.

While Rachael was speaking to Emmanual, production brought out Michelle.

There, Michelle spoke to Rachael in an emotional confrontation.

“She came out and started yelling at Rachael,” the insider describes.

The source says that Michelle was “really pouring her heart out.”

And it turns out that Rachael was not the only one who upset Michelle.

“But she was really mad at how it was handled by everyone,” the insider adds.

The source explains that Michelle was unhappy with “Matt, producers, everyone.”

While there may not be a perfect way to handle something like this, a lot of things might have been done better.

“Michelle was mad at Rachael,” the insider specifies.

The source explains that she blamed Rachael “for taking away from women of color this season over her racism issues.”

The insider emphasizes: “She did not think Rachael handled it well.”

“She specifically mentioned Rachael’s large social media following and the amount of airtime she got,” the source adds.

Some of it came down to how Rachael and others’ very presence caters to racist viewers.

The insider shares: “Michelle was angry Rachael and other white women on the show have more followers and get more airtime than the women of color.”

“Rachael was completely blindsided,” the source characterizes.

“And didn’t know what to say,” the insider continues.

The source explains that Rachael was unsure of how to respond “because she was getting yelled at for things she had no control over.”

“They didn’t prep her at all for that,” the insider notes.

“But the producers said they decided not to use it in tonight’s show,” the source adds.

Apparently, producers never explained their choice to omit that conversation beyond saying that it “didn’t fit” into the episode, whatever that means.

It is certainly worth noting that, this week, Emmanuel confirmed that the conversation took place but never aired.

He acknowledged that Michelle felt “a lot of pain” and “poured her heart out.”

Emmanuel even offered an explanation for why that talk happened at all.

“It wasn’t planned nor in the script,” Emmanuel explained.

“But I figured they’re both in the building,” he reasoned, “why not talk it out face to face.”

“Plus when I see an opportunity for reconciliation I take it,” Emmanuel said.

“Thankfully, Rachael was willing, and Michelle hadn’t left yet,” Emmanuel said.

“So,” he shared, “we brought the two out to talk it out!”

Clearly, the talk could have gone better, but we hope that it had some positive effect for both women.

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