Michelle Branchs domestic assault charge was dismissed after a settlement

At the start of August, I never would have predicted that Michelle Branch has a quiet hive of supporters willing to march to Nashville to protect their queen. But that’s what happened, metaphorically. It all started when Michelle tweeted early one morning that she just learned her husband, Patrick Carney, was cheating on her while she cares for their six-month-old baby. Shortly after she tweeted that, cops arrived at the Branch-Carney home and Michelle was arrested for “assault.” The assault was slapping Patrick Carney when she learned of his affair. The dude pressed charges and she was hauled off to jail, booked and kept in custody for about six hours before she was released. The next day, she filed for divorce. Now there’s an update – the domestic assault case has been dismissed.

The domestic assault case brought against Michelle Branch by her estranged husband, Patrick Carney, has been dismissed. During a court appearance Wednesday, Judge Gale Robinson dropped the “Everywhere” singer’s charge of domestic assault by offensive/provocative conduct at the request of the state of Tennessee, court records seen by Page Six show.

The reason listed for the dismissal was that both parties had reached a settlement.

Branch, 39, was arrested on Aug. 11 after admitting to police, who had arrived at the couple’s Nashville home in response to a potential domestic disturbance, that she slapped the Black Keys rocker, 42, “in the facial area one to two times.” She was released from jail the same day after posting $1,000 bail.

Less than a week after her arrest, the “Goodbye to You” singer filed for divorce from Carney, citing irreconcilable differences as the cause of the split. In addition to requesting that the drummer pay her legal fees, Branch reportedly asked for primary custody of son Rhys, 3, and daughter Willie, 6 months, as well as child support.

[From Page Six]

There’s no information about the “settlement” but it seems pretty quick to talk about any kind of divorce settlement, right? I wonder if this is more like a show of good faith, with Branch and Carney speaking and agreeing that the charges should be dropped and that they need to quickly work through their divorce. Either that or Branch simply made some kind of deal with the DA where she agreed to go to some anger-management class in exchange for dropping the charges. Anyway, Carney sounds like a massive douche and I hope Branch takes him to the cleaners.

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