Melania Trump’s Former Advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Did Record Her & Reveals Why She Did It

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is revealing more about her strained relationship with First Lady Melania Trump during a new interview on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, that aired on Tuesday night (September 1).

During her appearance, Stephanie was asked about being accused of secretly recording her and Melania‘s conversation and fully admitted that she did, but it didn’t come without reason.

“I’ve been accused of taping my friend, as the White House said, and how horrible of a human being I am for doing that,” Stephanie shared on the show. “And they’re right. If she was my friend, it would be horrible.”

She added, “But Melania and the White House had accused me of criminal activity and publicly shamed and fired me and made me their scapegoat. At that moment in time, that’s when I pressed record. She was no longer my friend and she was willing to let them take me down.”

Stephanie unveiled that the First Lady informed her that White House attorneys claimed there was no other choice but to turn her back on her friend because there was a possible probe of the presidential inauguration committee.

“I was going to do anything in my power to make sure that I was protected.”

Previously, Melania‘s representative blasted Stephanie‘s tell-all book as “dishonest”.

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