Meghan Markle Is Still “Absolutely Involved” with Her Smart Works Patronage

Duchess Meghan might have moved to Los Angeles, but she still supports the charities and causes she made commitments to during her time as a senior member of the royal family.

In a new interview with The Flock, Kate Stephens, the chief executive officer of Smart Works, discussed Meghan’s continued work with the charity. Recently, Meghan surprised a Smart Works client with a one-on-one coaching session over Zoom, and according to Stephens, this is the perfect example of the duchess’s enduring involvement in the charity.

Stephens revealed, “She saw the impact we were able to have, in terms of both the clothes and the coaching, in helping women. I think that’s always been a part of her own ethos, so she came quietly to see us over the course of that year and then when we asked her to be our patron, she said yes, which was lovely.”

Of the duchess’s hands-on approach, Stephens explained, “She’s had great ideas and has been a great inspiration to our clients above all else. Whenever she comes to see us, she always gets involved in dressing and coaching our clients as well as bringing her ideas to the table too. And she still is absolutely involved.”

Meghan remains the patron of Smart Works.

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