Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Renting a "Paparazzi-Proof" Mansion in Los Angeles

Less than a month ago, we all found out that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved from Canada to Los Angeles—and it looks like the formerly-royal couple is still settling in. Obviously with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not life as usual for anyone at the moment (and if you’re not social distancing, then get on it ASAP), and partly because of the exceptional times, it seems as though Harry and Meghan haven’t found their permanent LA home yet.

For now, The Sun reports that they’re renting a $10 million mansion in a gated community. The home reportedly includes a pool, “landscaped gardens,” and a gym—but the feature that Harry and Meghan were likely most attracted to is that the mansion is apparently “paparazzi-proof.” A source talked to the outlet about Meghan and Harry’s current home, saying:

Dang, sounds super fancy! And if this is only Meghan and Harry’s rented home, who knows how much fancier their permanent home will be!

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