Martin Roberts admits Homes Under The Hammer team are ‘pulling hair out’ over new rules

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Martin Roberts, 57, has opened up on shooting the new season of Homes Under The Hammer after the easing of lockdown.The presenter revealed that it has been “really tough” to film without having a director on set and adhering to imposed social distancing measures.

There’s nobody else involved

Martin Roberts

Martin revealed: “Instead of having a cameraman, a director, a runner, and a second cameraman… they’re going to have one cameraman and the presenter. 

“So me and the director are going to be on a Zoom link, on a mobile phone looking at what the cameraman is shooting. 

“Luckily I have been doing this for so long, that I know how the show works. I make up my own stuff. So there’s nobody else involved. That won’t necessarily work too bad for me.

“There will obviously be strict social distancing, we’re not allowed to do overnight. 

“Not allowed to use public transport. These are all things imposed by the insurance company and the BBC.

“There are lots and lots of challenges to make the show. But, rest assured, Homes Under The Hammer is going to carry on,” he added.

The DIY expert also noted that it would take a lot longer this time around to make the same amount of shows, and this has left the crew in despair.

He noted: “It’s going to take us a lot longer to make the same amount of shows, the team have been pulling their hair out basically. It’s been really tough. 

“Practically you can do it, but to meet all the rules and regulations is really tough.”

The property guru even claimed that their producer had “visibly gone grey” from the stress of trying to plan the new series.

Martin recalled: “I did a zoom call with the series producer and the executive producer a couple of days ago, and the series producer has visibly gone grey. 

“During the time this has been going on, he has gone grey. I was like wow, he said he’s never known anything like it. You know the paperwork, the jumping through hoops. 

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“It sounds like it’s been really tough. They want to get on filming, you know?

“They had a real good run of auctions, just before COVID. So they were all waiting for us to visit them and there’s a possibility that some of them have not done any work on them.”

He added: “But I think probably a lot of them will have taken the opportunity to do the work.”

Many homeowners during lockdown took the opportunity to renovate homes and make improvements.

For Martin and his team filming the show, it is likely that buyers will now be made to bid at online auctions.

He said: “Now you have got the added problem that auctions will not be back to live auctions anymore. 

“So we’re having to do online auctions. That’s how we will probably do them. 

“That brings an added complication of how we liaise with the buyers. But you know they are endeavouring to do everything they can to practically make it happen. “

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