Marsai Martin Was Once Told There Weren’t Opportunities For Her

Marsai Martin is opening up about breaking past naysayers.

In a new interview with Popsugar, the 16-year-old black-ish star shared that her old reps that told her that there were no opportunities for her.

“That was probably the day when I was like, ‘Oh, they’re basically saying since I’m a young Black girl with glasses and an Afro, there’s nothing else for me,’” she said. “If there isn’t anything for me, then there’s nothing for other Black girls who look like me who are trying to make it in this white male-dominated, or even white girl-dominated, industry where that’s the only standard of lead actors or actresses.”

“That was the start of creating my own content, finding myself, and figuring out what I love. I can just go for it and show other girls who look like me that they can do the same thing,” Marsai added.

She sure has proven that there are opportunities, and even there aren’t, she’s making the opportunities through her own production company. Marsai starred in and executive produced the movie Little, which has actually earned her a Guinness World Record!

Marsai has also won multiple BET Awards, NAACP Awards and more – and she’s only 16. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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