Mark Wahlberg Gets Makeup Job From Daughter During Quarantine (Video)

It’s day 15 of quarantine for Mark Wahlberg and he’s now wearing makeup.

The 48-year-old Daddy’s Home actor took to social media on Monday (March 30) to reveal that his 10-year-old daughter Grace was practicing her makeup skills on her dad.

“So 15 days into quarantine now, I’m getting pedicures, manicures and apparently full makeup,” Mark says in the video. “She’s got her whole kit there. This is what’s happening now.”

“I don’t know if you’re gonna have a career in this,” he teased Grace in his Instagram Stories.

“I’m only good at makeup, so your makeup’s gonna be on fleek,” Grace told her dad, who responded, “On fleek? What’s fleek? ‘On fleek,’ whatever that means.”

“This is a hack job,” Mark Wahlberg joked. “Are you good at this?! Have you ever done this before?!”

Fellow dad Drew Brees commented, “Man … must be nice!! How old does my daughter have to be to do that for dad?” while dad Mario Lopez added, “Grace puttin in work.”

Watch below, and see what else celebrities have been doing while social distancing amid the current health crisis.

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