Madison Prewett: I Broke Down Crying After Barb Dissed Me on TV!

Madison Prewett has admitted that her heart isn’t ready to date again after Peter Weber.

Worse than the breakup, perhaps, was her feud with Peter’s mom. How does she feel about Barb these days?

On Monday night, Chris Harrison used The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever to touch base with Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss.

Naturally, he brought up the most infamous moment of Peter’s season — when his mother tearfully begged him to dump Madison.

“As far as with Barb,” Madison says after months of reflection, “there’s absolutely no hard feelings there.”

“She is a great mom,” she praises.

“And,” Madison opines, “she was just doing her job as a mom.”

She says that Barb was simply acting “to protect her son in the way that she felt like she needed to.”

In this case, warning Peter that things with Madison would not work out — and being absolutely right.

“So,” Madison expresses, “I wish them all the best.”

Chris Harrison chose to poke a little fun at Madison’s forgiving statement.

“I’m proud of you for saying that,” he expressed.

“But,” he teased, “there’s zero chance there was no hard feelings.”

If that is the case, that’s fine. Barb was doing right by her son, but Madison is entitled to feel bitter about it if she chooses.

It was at After The Final Rose that Peter and Madison made their debut as a couple.

Barb pointed out — correctly — that they were not a compatible pair.

She also accurately stated of her impulsive, horny son: “He’s going to have to fail to succeed.”

“Everyone that knows him,” Barb stated at the time, “knows it’s not going to work.” She was, of course, right.

“I was very upset after,” Madison acknowledges, “I really was.”

“But now,” she explains, “I’m just in such a good place now.”

It seems that time and a sense of perspective have healed her heart.

“But after the show,” Madison confirms, “yes, I cried”

While Madison has apparently moved on from those hurt feelings, Peter has moved on in other ways.

Obviously, he is currently boning Kelley Flanagan — a relationship that has earned Barb’s seal of approval.

But Madison doesn’t harbor any ill will towards Kelley, either.

“Kelley and I were really close on the show,” Madison recalls.

“Obviously I loved Peter,” Madison points out.

“And,” she continues, “I’m happy that he’s found a person that he feels he can be the best version of himself with.”

That is a very diplomatic, carefully worded way of phrasing that.

Madison is happy that Kelley is someone who can make him happy “and that his family loves and supports.”

Additionally, Madison and Hannah Ann are getting along well despite sharing an ex.

Speaking to Chris Harrison, both outrageously gorgeous women informed him that they are  “good friends.”

Following their respective breakups with Peter, they have kept in touch.

That’s great to see, and we wonder if we will one day see them hanging out on Bachelor in Paradise or elsewhere.

Madison may have moved on emotionally, but she doesn’t sound up for dating again.

Right now, she says, she’s just trying to work on herself.

The same cannot be said for the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Hannah Ann, however.

She proudly announces that her DMs are “open!”

Chris Harrison could not resist stirring the pot by asking if either of them are currently interested in getting back together with Chris.

“What kind of question is that, Chris Harrison?” Hannah Ann asks indignantly.

She adds: “I think we already know the answer to that one.”

Yes, we probably do.

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