Love Islands Samie in tears as she talks Tom split and reveals cancer scare

Love Island's Samie Elishi broke down in tears as she opened up on her break-up from ex-boyfriend Tom Clare in a new YouTube video.

The reality TV star filmed the 17-minute video from the passenger seat of her car "where she could get a break".

Samie is currently visiting best pal from the show Claudia Fogarty, but it appeared she had pre-recorded the video in advance.

The emotional clip also saw Samie discuss her health, as she explained to fans that she's in the middle of a health scare.

"I never wanted to make this video," the star began, admitting she had also never wanted to share a statement on her Instagram story.

"It is intense," she said. "Me and Tom have broken up. It's ended on good terms. No one's done anything bad to each other, there's still lots and lots of love there. It just wasn't working on the outside and we both agreed on the majority of the things.

"There's no bad blood there, me and Tom. I would never say a bad word about him and he wouldn't about me."

The star continued: "We just weren't working on the outside. I feel like when you come out of the villa you've got so much pressure and so many other things to worry about that plays a huge factor in a relationship. It was just a lot more difficult to maintain outside of the villa."

Samie then discussed how bad the timing of her break-up has been, as she's being tested for cancer after Love Island fans spotted a lump on her neck during the series.

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